negative comments for students

January 16, 2021

Available in word format. It’s loved by more than a 1.5 million teachers and 90 million students. As I have explained in my previous reports, _____ does not use his time wisely in class. _____ would greatly benefit from using a thesaurus to assist in using stronger verbs and adjectives within her writing. ________ manages his/her emotions maturely and responds to feedback appropriately. Examples of cooperation and behavior comments include: Joe consistently takes an active role in class discussions. ________ is dependable and reliable, follows directions effectively, and follows through on his/her commitments to him/herself and others. If they don’t, you … When he made disparaging comments about a group of our bused-in students, word of his remarks quickly spread. I always give a week’s notice before tests, so please be sure ________ studies and adequately prepares for them as they approach. Tweak to make them your own or use verbatim. He/she should work on voicing feelings and opinions and listening to others. Record and use classroom anecdotes in your assessments. ________  has a positive attitude towards math but continues to have trouble in a few key areas. _____ frequently demonstrates poor work ethic. ________ is having considerable difficulty with math. He/she could benefit from practicing the multiplication table and should also continue to practice the long division process. Sometimes the best initial response upon hearing negative feedback is silence. Jason was in the process of making plans to go to university overseas. When the time comes to write report card comments, you'll have full, detailed reports on all your students' achievement, with all the numbers on recent usage, performance, trouble spots as well as quick overviews for assignments and placement test progress. If children are performing below grade level, remarks must include effective solutions such as the following…. This means that grade level books are challenging but manageable for _______. As you make note of your students’ strengths and weaknesses, endeavor to include practical insights into how parents can involve and support their child at home. If possible, make reference to how you use differentiated instruction to support the student in question. 4. shows enthusiasm for classroom activities. And until it does, it’s hard to make good use of what you’ve heard. Use the following phrases and statements to help you tailor your comments for each specific student. _____ has a hard time using context clues to figure out the meaning of new words. _____ lacks a clear understanding of how to apply grammar and/or punctuation rules appropriately. _____ shows difficulty in applying math skills in project-based learning activities. Whenever you have to write a negative comment, always include a positive ending statement, if applicable, to show the student is improving or progressing in some ways. _____ frequently reverses words and phrases when reading. Customizing report card comments can be easy if you create notes for each student throughout the entire reporting period. We all know a toxic person; it could be your relative or some idiot in your class who always likes to point out the negative. Attitude The student: is … Learning From & Addressing Negative Comments in Student Teaching Evaluations. ________ requires ongoing support to demonstrate and explain the process of addition of whole numbers up to 100 with and without regrouping. Some young teachers are more mature than others. State a specific goal for each student that you will be working on during the next card marking. It has been a pleasure to have _______'s enthusiasm, positivity and maturity in my class. _____ shows difficulty skimming/scanning text to locate a key piece of information. When you notice a positive or negative skill, ability, strength, or weakness in a class activity or assignment, be sure to note it down so that you may refer to it in your report card comments. Provide specific information across several areas including personal attributes, behavior, work habits, communication skills and curricular areas. ________  needs considerable practice with skip counting forward and backward by twos, fives, tens, and hundreds to complete short patterns. Judy is a great team player. ________ is encouraged to use time wisely to finish tasks in the time required. ________  requires more time and practice in calculating addition and subtraction facts to 18. Teachers have the ability to greatly impact the culture of a school, and … ________ is learning to compare numbers to 1000 using terms such as greater or less and greatest or least. Being open and honest about a student’s performance requires tact and consideration with regard to how you express those comments. On a regular basis, _____ handwriting is illegible. If you’re dealing with someone who is saying negative comments to you in person or this … _____ writing frequently lacks a clear idea or main message. ________  is able to skip count forward and backward by twos, fives, tens, and hundreds to complete short patterns. • show enthusiasm for classroom activities. ________ shows responsible behavior, works well with a group and shows appreciation for the efforts of classmates. University staff administering the evaluations will generally remove any comment that contains vulgar, defamatory, racist, pornographic, harassing, threatening, or abusive content before the evaluation reaches the instructor. 2. _____ reacts negatively and/or becomes highly discouraged when given constructive feedback. _____ has a difficult time making connections among words with similar patterns (e.g. _____ rarely uses nonfiction text features to aid in reading comprehension of science or social studies text. _____ demonstrates difficulty revising writing pieces even using a checklist. ________ is encouraged to be more responsible in completing tasks without needing regular reminders. _____ frequently forgets math processes, strategies, and/or basic facts. _____ exhibits minimal confidence in his writing skills. ________ determines various forms of writing and identifies important ideas through the development of insightful questions and answers. Negative has anything but quality impact on the kids. ________ needs to put more effort into learning to calculate addition and subtraction facts to 18. Inspirational Quotes for Brand New Teachers They’ll Love, Back-to-School Quotes for Teachers: Spark a Positive Mindset, 120+ Report Card Comments for Struggling Students, Snowman Writing Prompts for Kids: Creative Story Starters, Attention Getters For Classroom Use That Focus Students Quickly. Also, as long as all students get their fair share, these comments rarely have negative side effects. ________ is encouraged to show increased attention to the use of correct spelling, grammar and punctuation with general writing skills. Openness and honesty are key to ensuring that experience is the best it can be. How well do they socialize with classmates? ______ is rarely able to distinguish between fiction and nonfiction texts. If possible, discuss what intervention strategies you can use to help improve the student’s learning outcomes.Â. ________  is able to demonstrate place value concepts to give meaning to numbers from zero to 1000, identifying ones, tens, and hundreds. Please contact me if you need materials to get him/her started. _____ isn’t able to justify responses using evidence from the text or by using prior knowledge. Related: For more great comments, see our colossal collection of report card comments, created especially with the elementary teacher in mind. _____ often loses materials and supplies needed to complete activities. Please contact me if you need supplemental learning materials to use at home for practice. 6. uses instincts to deal with matters independently and in a positive way. _____ is unclear how to apply steps of the scientific method to complete an experiment. _____ is not able to retell significant details of what he/she just read. • deal with matters independently or in a positive way. _____ lacks understanding of the steps of the scientific method. ________ is able to offer direct responses to his/her readings and supports ideas with sound reasoning and specific examples. _____ sentences very often lack semantics making them difficult to comprehend.

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