steel quoits rules

January 16, 2021

This small engineering smithy run by the Houston family was the only firm or a hill-gater. Steel stakes; 16 inches long; Handcrafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA The quoits tend to be smaller than those used in the Scottish and Welsh games but the distance is 4.3  A Woody is any quoit that touches, leans against, or bounces off the wooden box of the pit. Limit = Double the players Handicap The spike is centrally, and vertically, positioned in a square of moist clay measuring three feet across. The quoit is then allowed to land on the ground. The rules give a genuine early nineteenth century version of the Deck Quoits. the height of the hobs and so forth. The ringing sound of the steel quoit as it hits the metal pin is a familiar sound on balmy summer evenings in the North Yorkshire Moors villages surrounding Whitby, England. 1.3  At the center point of each pit a steel pin, or Hob, measuring between 5/8" - 7/8" in diameter and at least 18" long shall be driven into the ground, until the top surface of the hob measures 4 inches above the pit surface. "Leaners Beat Ringers":  Similar to Topping a Ringer, a Leaner thrown onto a hob containing any opponent's Ringers shall award to the throwing team the total points of all Leaners and Ringers on the hob. this connection." Pennsylvanian Slate Bed Quoits. Choose a level playing surface and pound these 16-inch quoits stakes in the ground and you're ready to play! 2.3  The team that wins the quoit toss shall have the choice of pitching first, or allowing the opposing team to pitch first. functions sometimes set up temporary quoits pitches in this way and such games are often referred to as Sward Dec 15, 2013 - Explore Steve Brandon's board "Quoits" on Pinterest. the game grew in popularity during that century and the official rules first appeared in the April 1881 A Leaner scores 2 points unless an opposing team's Ringer is underneath it; in this case the Ringer still counts. A quoit is flipped up into the air like a coin toss. A Gater is either a hole-gater Scoring is 5 points for the spike, 2 points for the pan (the inner circle) and 1 point for the outer circle. A Ringer always beats a Leaner. Both bodies are keen to expand their Llanarth Direct" . laid down the 15 rules that were published in "The Field" in 1881. reputationally seedy character. by people of primarily English and Welsh descent. However, this simplicity belies If the quoit bounces or rolls into the pit, it is also Out of Play and is removed immediately from the pit. Traditional Games. however, is a split sport, much like the game of Rugby, because independently, Wales and Scotland have long If it is leaning against the side of the hob rather than the top edge, it is considered only a "Point", as in the previous photo. in Great Britain to make quoits. As an organizaon the USQA will adhere to all State and Federal guidelines. Horseshoe Pitchers Association If any opposing quoit is closer to the hob than their second quoit, no points are scored for the second quoit. The long game is still played in England at the turn of the century but in a modified form that sees the Scotland first played England in 1930 at Parkhead and Wales in 1931 at If the cancelled quoits result in no points being scored for either team, that throwing sequence is called a Draw or a Push. The idea here is to increase scoring opportunities during Recreational Play without needing to disrupt the game to remove out-of-play quoits from the pits. auspices of The National Quoits Association which was formed in 1986 and is undergoing something of a Quoit Rules Quoits can be played with two people, four people, or, if you want to practice, individually. the original trenton-style steel quoits Our mission is to re-popularize the lawn game of Quoits, sometimes referred to as “Round Radical Horseshoes”. 4.5.d  A She-Quoit cannot score any points. Centered in this area shall be two defined areas of clay, dirt, or boxed-in pits. This is entirely a matter of personal preference. For some reason the Welsh Quoiting Board (Bwrdd Coetio Cymru) some of it's popularity, it is still played seriously and enthusiastically in the North of England under the fizzled out around 1960 but it was reconstituted in 1979 and is now affiliated The "win by two points" rule can also be wavered if desired, awarding the win to the first team scoring 15 points. go back even further to the Minoan empire c.2000B.C. "3-man Pitch": It is possible to pitch with 3 players, in a Two-on-One format, when you do not have a fourth player to complete two teams. At two ends of a pitch is an iron prod. When only two players are competing, they shall both pitch their quoits from the same foul line into the opposing pit, then walk to that pit, retrieve their own quoits, and pitch back in the opposite direction. 4.2.a  NO POINTS are awarded to any quoits that are more than a horizontal quoit's diameter from the hob. The first official rules for the game of quoits were printed in the April, 1881, edition of The Field in northern England. the bulk of the quoit in front of the hob. game in terms of membership and for many years hoped that other countries, internationals some time ago presumably because the differences between the two variations had grown two large 1.1.a  If using wooden boxes set into the ground to define the pits, they shall each be constructed to form a square with aninside dimension of 36 inches (1 Yard) on a side. a trendy outdoor activity, especially in Australia. Horseshoe pitching in this case came about as a poor-man's version of Quoits using There are several different games of quoits being played in England today: The Northern Game, The Long Game, East Anglian Quoits, and Sward or Lawn Quoits. By the 15th Century, there is evidence to show that it had become a well organised sport, not –Official Size: 7 1/2″ diameter with 5″ hole –Official Weight: 2 ½ lbs –Made in the USA from Cast Steel This style of steel quoits is popular in the central potions of New Jersey, especially in and around the Trenton area. team from England (Liverpool) may finally make the trip. The History of Indoor Quoits This set of rules constituted what is now A superbly made game which is great for taking to the park or the beach. notably England, will eventually be able to send a team to the annual A traditional miniaturised version of Indoor Quoits has existed around Recreational Rule Modifications (Not for Tournament Play). A Toucher beats a Point. When there are two players, the competitors pitch their Quoits from the same foul line into the opposing pit. Merthyr Tydfil. Many people have written to me asking for the official rules of quoits. For the most accurate measuring, a set of dividers can be used to make exact measurements. "Play to 15":  To shorten the length of games when you have a lot of players and not a lot of pits to play on, games can be played to 15 points instead of the usual 21. partner to aim at. +44-(0)1545-580756. left-over horseshoes instead of the real thing. Weighing just under 5 ¼ lbs the CNC machined quoits are then hardened to allow them to withstand the rigours of the game. 4.7.a  The “Second Quoit Rule” does not apply in regulation quoits. This results in 3 points for each of their own ringers and 3 points for each of their opponents' ringers underneath. The reason for this is that the pin in the Long Game is knocked down flush with the clay surface so In the Northern game, nowadays, quoits measure about 5 1/2 inches in diameter and weigh about Non-diagonally. RULES. Where Horseshoes is mainly a game where players attempt to pitch repeated ringers for points, Quoits is more a game of strategy and placement. A leaner over 1 Ringer scores 5 points, and a Leaner over 2 Ringers score 8 points. ​ 2.1 Quoits are pitched by either two or four players divided into two Teams. The picture to the left shows a ringer from the celtic Long Game with the embedded pin resurgence of late. There's nothing else there.” The first player then pitches his second quoit and the opponent follows with his second quoit. Love to spend a relaxing Sunday evening pitching quoits with your friends or family? Stepping into the throw is allowed, as long as the forward stepping foot remains behind the foul line. 'Hill to pin' - high side of quoit towards the hob Pictures kindly donated by Mrs. Linda Evans, Secretary, Welsh Quoiting Board. prevent the opponent achieving a ringer. A single player pitches both sides of the pits against the remaining two-player team, who pitch from opposite sides of the pits as normal. It is possible to flip it back over into an upright position by striking it with another quoit, thereby putting it back into scoring play. Canada, too, has enjoyed a surge of Quoits interest throughout the 1990's 3.1  The Foul Line is an imaginary line running through each hob and extending out from the sides of each pit, perpendicular to the opposing hob. Quoits - The Long Game. slate boards instead of clay beds. Sward Quoits has it's own varying complexities depending upon the type of ground being played upon and Before beginning the first game… Anyone availabe to help is welcome. Organisers of fetes, horse fairs and similar public After the round, the players pitch from the alternate pit. of that year. The traditional game of Quoits has a long history. When only two players are competing, they shall both pitch their quoits from the same foul line into the opposing pit, then walk to that pit, retrieve their own quoits, and pitch back in the opposite direction. is still played today, and is particularly popular in certain regions of the USA, the rules being similar to When digging for points one person should go in, check it out and back away allowing the other guy to take a look. All nature has is a potential for steel. embedded in areas of soft clay. Lehigh Valley Quoit Open Championship at SteelStacks may settle arguments over rules of a truly local pastime Updated Jan 03, 2019; Posted Sep 07, 2011 Facebook Share Yahoo has a section devoted to Horseshoe pitching which appears to be quoits reduced in size and somewhat different rules being adopted. A ringer scores 3 points, unless an opponent's quoit is rung on top of it. Rope Quoits, which is presumably the same game, has recently become Just remember that these House rules are NOT valid in Tournament Play, so don't get TOO used to using them! Full Schedule. from Masters Traditional Games. for historians - did the other versions of quoits where the pin sticks prominently out of the ground derive Standing inside the box to pitch is acceptable, but not usually done when playing in Recessed pits because of loss of height and visibility into the opposing pit. This is done so as to Hell, even the steel is out of someone's mind. The second quoit is a Toucher, and also scores 1 point if it is from the same team. ABOUT USQA. Horseshoe pitching some clay bed pitches. Association of America, Horseshoe Pitchers Association Quoits of this era generally were made from poor-quality left over that fine old Scottish game, quoits. like to thank Linda for her help with the information on this page and because, well, a discus is not a quoit, either in shape or purpose... Whatever the origin, the game was certainly being played in England early in the second millennium in roughly RESPECT THE FOLLOWING RULES AT ALL UPCOMING TOURNAMNETS TILL FUTHER NOTICE. of Great Britain, The National Horseshoe Pitchers Quoits was therefore one of the sports played at the first Greek Olympiad. August 15th - Fall Old Bastards - Lititz, Pa August 29th - Danville Worlds - Danville, Pa *NEW* Two opposing Touchers cancel each other. synonymous with a discus, and so they believe that Quoits and discus are one and the same thing and that CONTACT US. interpretations from modern manufacturers. Some Common Terms. Just don’t play. in weight. This is the "Win by Two" rule. Score Keeping - Manual and Digital Scoring. The team with the nearest quoit to the prod wins a point for that and every quoit closer than the nearest opposition quoit. happily emulate Sward Quoits in the same way. The throwing area is located behind each foul line. 4.6.c  A Ringer is a quoit that lands over the hob so it completely encircles the hob. 'Cue' - hill side up to the right of the hob The quoit is considered Out of Play and is removed immediately from the pit. 4.7  If two opposing quoits appear to be equidistant from the hob when measuring with available methods, and both are within scoring range, they shall cancel each other. To the right, a member of the Scottish team hurls the heavy quoit down the 18 yard gratitude to Brian Keanie of Canada]. The Long Game then is more akin to Bowls in play with the pin acting as a simple target. You can buy Steel quoits, Deck quoits and many other types of traditional The player must stay behind the foul line through the duration of the pitch. to the Welsh Sports Council. 4.6  There are three possible positions in which a quoit can score points: 4.6.a  A Point is any quoit that is less than a horizontal quoit's diameter away from the hob and closer than either of the opponent's two quoits. Two Ringers on top of an opponent's Ringer shall therefore score 9 points, with a maximum possible score of 12 points for 4 Ringers on the hob. 4.1  After all four quoits are thrown, only one team will score points, if any are to be had. that seems to be centred around Nova Scotia and Ontario. Parry Evans Quoits are to be minimum of 41/4 inch (10.75cm) to a maximum of 41/2 inch (11.45cm) inside diameter. That's important to see. communities. control of the Scottish Quoiting Association. Two opposing Leaners on the same hob shall cancel each other. Another derivative seems to have become popular 'Side-on' - hill side up on the left of the hob 2006 event is being called the "Inaugural British Open Quoits Championship" an excellent throw. The winner may choose to pitch first or let the opponent choose first. around 9 inches in diameter and weigh up to 11 pounds, almost double that of the Northern game. 4.5  A She-Quoit is basically an inverted quoit, and includes: 4.5.a   Any quoit that lands upside down in the pit or on the hob (see photo at right); 4.5.b   Any quoit leaning against the hob with the top surface of the quoit; 4.5.c   Any Quoit sticking upright in the clay which is BEYOND 90 degrees vertical. Quoits is a competition between two players or two teams of two players each. A Leaner always beats a Toucher. Picture taken in Prestwick, Scotland. The National Horseshoe Pitchers Brought to Nova Scotia in the 1700's by British immigrants, Quoits is a game of accuracy where players try to throw a steel or brass ring as close as possible to an iron pin. Some of the terms commonly used in the Northern game are: 'Hill' - top surface of the quoit immediately. The English stopped fielding a side at the Pumsaint in Dyfed, Wales. maintenance of which is quite an art, it seems. The National Quoits Association was formed in 1986. Quoits game Competitors have to throw quoits of varying weights as near to the prod as possible. least because of the numerous attempts to eradicate it from the pubs and taverns of England due to it's Enjoy! Quoits. A designated player from one of the two teams shall call out "He" for the top side of the quoit or "She" for the bottom side while the quoit is spinning in the air. With four players, one player from each team shall pitch from each pit; teammates shall stand at opposite foul lines and pitch towards each oth… The Long Game or The Old Game can still be found in Wales and Scotland. This is Combinations of finger widths or a non-scoring quoit are two other methods that can be used to visually compare opposing quoit distances when dividers are not available. Quoits This sometimes may be preferable than having the third person sit out a game waiting to play the winner of the competing pair. Below is a list of all of the standard rules. opponent. These are modified rules that can be used during "Recreational Play" for fun or convenience. maintained at 18 yards. Also, if the position of two opposing quoits in the clay does not allow a fair measurement to be made using available methods, The quoits shall also cancel each other. The last Scotland/England international was played Although the Northern Game has lost This theory seems rather dubious in this author's opinion Indeed the name of Houston is known the length and breadth of the land in 1.2  The Pits shall be centered in the Playing Area and positioned so that their exact centers are 21 feet (7 Yards) apart. Association of America Accordingly the 'Front-toucher',  'Side toucher' and "Back toucher'  - The first official rules for the game of quoits were printed in the April, 1881, edition of The Field in northern England. Quoits. It is worth 2 points. 4.8  For the most accurate measuring, a set of Dividers or Calipers can be used to make exact measurements against two opposing quoits and are standard equipment for serious game play. 2.1  Quoits are pitched by either two or four players divided into two Teams. 'Hole-up' - a quoit which lands flat with it's wider face upwards. Whitby Quoits Club indoor league runs from October each year to the following April. the form known today wherein metal rings are thrown up and down a pitch with target pins at either end This is the easiest method for determining which quoit is closer and scores the point, when they are too evenly spaced to call it by sight. Each person throws two quoits alternately each turn. 2. Quoits Games. The game has the hobs (stakes that the quoits were aimed at) 11 yards apart in 3 feet squares of clay, the the target hob and shouts advice and encouragement. If the current score is 21-20, play must continue beyond 21 until one team achieves at least a 2 point advantage over the opposing team after completing a round. A player may stand anywhere in this area, but the usual stance is on either side of the box with the toe of the forward foot directly behind the foul line, with the foot resting against the outside edge of the wooden box. The upside down quoit in this photo is a She-quoit and does not score any points. The Evesham rules dictate that the thrower stands exactly 10 feet from the spike. People wishing to play quoits in their back gardens or any open space The next two pictures are from the Scotland/Wales international held in July 1999 at Anyone from the Bronze Age could have told you that. called The Northern Game and it has remained largely unchanged ever since. 3.2  The pitcher lines up anywhere behind the foul line when it is their turn to throw. Two players will compete against each other, and four players will be paired into two teams. Although Horseshoe pitching evolved from the game of Quoits, and both games are played with similar rules, Quoits requires a completely different mindset and a tactical approach to pitching. popular in the USA. STOP PRESS - it seems that in 2006, a compatible 'Gater' - a quoit which falls so that it's edge rests on the hob with These shapes are all of someone's mind. The Ancient Game of Quoits 1.1.b  If pits are made directly in the ground, a defined square area 3 x 3 feet, or a circular area 4 feet in diameter, shall be cleared for each pit, exposing bare clay or soil surface. By looking at how far the measuring quoit's outer edge overlaps either the edge or the hole of each of the two quoits in question, or by how much the holes themselves overlap, measuring this way usually can determine the results. Each team member throws two quoits. from it and then evolve the pin out of the clay or did they develop separately or prior to the long game? Made from Premium steel, the quoits are manufactured to exacting tolerances. in the 1960s but Wales and Scotland still play a hotly contested match The Long game has a long pedigree and has its stake flush to the clay, which presents an interesting dilemma where the boy king of Knossos apparently used the discus the last time at the end of the year, and by doing so finally severed one of the last remaining links with The quoit boards are placed 18 feet on center (from hub to hub). Quoits on of the game must have had a devastating effect. The hobs are 18 yards apart, fully 7 yards greater than the Northern Game while the quoits are typically If all four quoits are out of scoring range, it is called an Open Pit or Dead Bed, and no points are awarded to either team for that throw.

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