Useful Shots Golf was established as a resource for everything the average golfer loves about the game.  Meet the team helping you get the most out of your game:


Stev (short for Steve) – Don’t blink or you’ll miss his latest shot. Known for lightning quick play and wearing subtle tones of grey, Stev keeps the group on pace and on point. It’s rumored he’s been manicuring a beard since age 3, perhaps fueling his ability to rip dead-straight fairway woods from the first cut.

Jack – Never faced a pin he couldn’t attack, this green-side gambler and innovator of the Rat loves to keep things interesting. From the powder blues on his Puma shoes, to the golden tans of his Ray-bans, Jack’s style is as strong as his drives are long.

Micksauce – A now retired King of Spring Break, don’t sleep on his ability to get a party bumpin’.  Able to recite every word to any NWA track since junior high, this former tennis pro generates 95% of his golf swings’ power directly from his monstrous calf muscles.

Medium Papi – Having learned to play golf as a lefty with the sticks he was given at an early age, “Papi” may be trouble for cart golf, but certainly reaps the benefits of the deeply discounted left-handed club aftermarket.

Leonard – Not just his given middle name, “Leonard” embodies the tried and true, no-frills consistency of his tour idol Justin Leonard. Occasionally dropping a 40 foot putt for birdie, this par machine is anxiously awaiting his role model’s triumphant return to glory in the Champions League.