Beer Review: Solemn Oath – Funsponge

August 27, 2016

Continuing our search for some course appropriate craft beer, I stuck with another local canned offering to try on our latest round. When playing through a given course, you want something that is easily handled and capable fitting into our Useful Shots koozies of course. Ideally, you look for a crisp, refreshing, and somewhat light beer, so as not to be over-served by the end of the round.

With those aspects in mind, I found a blonde option from Solemn Oath Brewery based out of Naperville, a western suburb of Chicago.  Named “Funsponge”, ironically I am guessing, this Belgo-American Ale is available in 6-pack cans in local stores and larger retailers such as Target.  Perhaps the Funsponge name is in reference to the flavors soaked up by this lighter beer.  Hints of citrus and spice are clear both in scent and upon first taste.

At 4.8% ABV, you can definitely kick back a couple and not be knocked down after 9 holes.  While this beer has good flavor and drinkability, it is ultimately better reserved for before or after the round during a meal.  It does not finish like a beer one looks to for refreshment, a bit heavy because of the flavor, but would serve well as a complement to a lunch or light dinner.  Like our previous review, the fact that this beer comes in cans is definitely a plus for course consumption, but I am guessing it won’t make the cooler for a round anytime soon.

I am not as familiar with Solemn Oath’s other offerings, but given the fact that they are local and canned, I will definitely continue to try them out.

Check out their yearly canned offerings here.

*USEFULSHOTSGOLF does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and with moderation.*



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