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January 16, 2021

The presenters just there to direct you, they aren’t the focus of the show. The new tournament structure is a doozy. I believe robot wars had a rule that bans "defensive" modifications. So today I was going to write about the election results and the problems with the vote system, but I really can’t be bothered with all that so instead I am comparing TV programs where robots smash each other up. Even if you are generous and don’t count ad times it’s still only 27%! Notre marque commerciale est déposée aux États-Unis et dans le monde entier. It is almost embarrassing to compare to the US judges. ( Log Out /  In Robot Wars there are different types of fight with different numbers of robots, this is more interesting for the viewer and requires different tactics. In BattleBots you only get one shot at each point, one mistake you are out. If you don’t know, Robot Wars and BattleBots are heavyweight robot fighting championships in the UK and the US respectively. The next is probably the most qualified, as they are a previous winner of a lightweight version of BattleBots, as well as a special effects expert. B: Robot Wars has fire prohibited. Judge number three is the real problem: Jessica Chobot. The main difference is all in the arena, one is a closed box, the other is a open box inside a closed box. The main difference is the 1 vs 1 in battlebots and the robot rumbles with 4 robots in robot wars. That's a big difference to me. Outside of telling you what is actually happening, the presenters (who are TV show presenters not sports commentators, much nicer to watch) spend most of their time in the pits with the teams. This segment for really highlights the difference between the two shows. It does not represent any brand. Here I am throwing all the heavyweight robots from Robot Wars Series 6 and Battlebots 5.0 into a huge single elimination tournament bracket and letting random number generators decide who wins for the lulz. The announcer is the strange bit here, he gives them all long over written introductions full of puns and jokes and trash talk that makes literally no sense. In BattleBots, not counting the weird ‘wildcard’ thing they did in the first episode, the tournament is a series of single 1 v 1 fights. I don’t think she is even paying attention here. In the first three episodes of Robot Wars 2016, I continuously found myself wondering why the bot aesthetics were so different between shows. Robot Wars is all substance, finding a great balance between its different aspects and elevating the dumb fun of the concept to a genuinely great show that has true positive influence on its viewers. Not quite in the same league as the UK ones are they. Robot Wars is a little different. The final works the same but with 3 in the group battles instead of 4. In a single episode a spinner might have to face a flipper, an axe and … They make a huge show of this, with music and montages of previous fights and an announcer and a dramatic button press to show they are ready. We welcome those with a casual interest in television shows as well as the enthusiast community. In the match, Bronco got off to a quick start scoring a flip on Witch Doctor, but it quickly righted itself. Carbide was an invertible black and green robot with two-wheel drive and a large horizontal bar spinner at the front. Overall the judges kinda show again my core point that is in my title. It both won and lost a battle in its one season. Dara looking amazing here of course. Continue this thread level 2. Robot Wars Vs Battlebots Lightweights. So if less than half the show is what you are actually watching for what is the rest of the run-time? However, Bronco activated its flipper to get away, but then drove itself into the wall wher… These segments are interesting and educational, and I think they really elevate the show from being just robots smashing each other to something that is a positive and inspiring influence on people. On the other, most use metric, Pros: Battlebots = Deadlier Weapons, Fast Moving, Spinners, No House Robots Robot Wars = Sturdier Robots with Military grade Armour, Schrimechs, CO2 Flippers, Cons: Battlebots = Lightly Armoured Robots, Schrimechs are a rarity, Exposed Wheels Robot Wars = Safety Links, outdated designs (Razer, King B Remix), low-mid range spinners House Robots as Hazards (Not saying they're bad I like them), Overall Battlebots = M1A2 Abrams Robot Wars = Challenger 2, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This is a voted tier list to determine what the difference in robot quality between Battlebots and Robot Wars really is. It went undefeated in its only season, winning the championship. I got to the point I generally skipped past these bits. Shes a presenter for Nerdist and used to be for IGN. Robot Wars has a full hour with no ads (a positive point right there) and each episode has 9 fights, and as you can see from this handy chart, 9 is bigger than 4: At 3 minutes each that’s a maximum of 12 minutes (usually less) of fighting in BattleBots. In Robot Wars you get similar meaningless bars, but they are presented quickly and alongside them you get actual technical info about the robots, speed, weight, power, weaponry, armour. I like the battlerobot more because its 1 to 1 fight and it is a big plus. The stuff that actually means something. Whilst the Robot Wars system has it’s flaws I think it is much more interesting than the BattleBots one, it adds a tactical element as well as a survival element. Watch this fight between Blacksmith and Minotaur.Subscribe: Instead of just talking between themselves these two go and talk to the teams, who tell you what they think went wrong or what their tactics are, they show you the damage, explain problems and what they need to fix. Each match consists of two robots competing in a single three-minute bout in which the goal is to destroy or disable the opponent. BattleBots is about style, its a dramatic sports show with robots. Ones called Battlebots, the other is called Robot Wars. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s a robot competition and she is nothing to do with robotics. The sad bit is Robot Wars still manages to be cooler in my opinion! The show is actually about people and robots and not just a sport that happens to involve robots. On one show most of the bots use SAE hardware. Robot Wars proves with Dr Lucy Rogers that getting a woman who is actually a renowned expert is absolutely possible and having her there is infinitely better, in terms of representation, in terms of viewing quality and in just about every way you can think of than what BattleBots has done. Battlebots vs. RobotWars Robot arena 2 Mechavore vs . It often takes longer for them to get into the arena and start the fight than the fight lasts! In BattleBots most of that time is spent with the presenters talking about the competition in the same way sports presenting is often done. :P. These comparison threads are always silly anyway. On a Robot Sports Show! People realise he doesn’t actually know Iron Man right? Just look at their bios on the Robot Wars website, its more than I can really put here. Lots of talk of “can they do this”, “was that the right tactics”, “this is gonna be a hard one”, lots of forced jokes and even more forces laughter and lots talking about the robots in generic ways. I am a bit late to the party but I only watched the end of the latest season of BattleBots this week so who cares. This year Carbide was undefeated and won all 10 fights, twice as many as the winner of BattleBots. 11 Scalpel Sponsors: SendCutSend Tekin Favorite robot: Rick Deckard Website: … Celle-ci ne peut être légalement utilisée que pour désigner des événements, des spectacles ou des produits officiels BattleBots. There is a good reason it doesn’t exist in BattleBots though, and it is my next point: The judges on Robot Wars are 3 internationally renowned experts on robotics and mechanical engineering, it is hard to imagine people more qualified to judge a competition based on robotics. The weapon operated at 20 horsepower to inflict massive damage. Robot Wars has team Razer, team Storm, team Tornado, etc. Built by Al Kindle, it was a wedged robot armed with a circular saw on an electrically-powered arm which could double as a lifter. Voltarc returned for Season 1.0 ranked #2. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. We spend time getting to know the teams, seeing their backgrounds and how and why they built their robots, told to you by them themselves in their own homes and workshops, instead of just watching the presenters tell you about them in the same tacky studio. Events of interest include Battlebots, Robot Wars, Russia's Bitva Robotov (fightbots), Robogames, Thailand's Seacon War of Steel, Fighting My Bots (FMB), King of Bots (KOB) and Bugglebots. In Robot Wars there are multiple fights, you can loose to one robot but come back and beat the others. As their name implies, walkerbots use 'legs' and/or 'feet' as their sole method of locomotion, which enable them to 'walk' across the arena floor. Being the whole point of the shows, you expect lots of robot on robot action, and put simply, Robot Wars has more. Having so many fights means that the teams have to constantly fix their robots with limited time. Beta has come out of hibernation after many years and triumphed over Lucky! Battlebots has fire. Just before the fight you get a robot comparison. Robot Wars has the better flippers, with both Eruption and Apollo ahead of Bronco. With seconds remaining Voltronic flipped Bigger Brother against the wall. This is an independent unofficial fan community. Robot Wars favors their House Robots as their arena's hazards, while BattleBots takes a more standard approach with saws, hammers, etc. The initial contact betwe… It only includes Battlebots season 3 and Robot Wars series 10 for two reasons. Her being there just stinks of both ‘token woman’ and of pandering to the geek audience again. In a 1 hour run-time including ads BattleBots usually has 4 fights. It was a low robot armed with an overhead spinning bar and a front wedge, similar to three-time middleweight champion Hazard. It happens that robots have been had to drop out because they couldn’t get fixed in time. Even Team Razor had a more stylish robot here than they did in the U.K. I am not gonna go into this I am just going to show you the 2 logos and let you see what I mean: These bad-asses are enormous compared to the competitors. BattleBots is an offshoot of the original version Robot Wars, the brainchild of Marc Thorpe. The Thorpe partnership broke up in 1997, starting many years of legal wrangling between Thorpe and Profile Records (the former Sm:)e-communications). The series highlights the design and build of each robot, bot-builder backstories and the pursuit of the BattleBots championship. Robot Wars favors their House Robots as their arena's hazards, while BattleBots takes a more standard approach with saws, hammers, etc. Copperhead vs War Hawk: Copperhead by KO 1m19s: 2019 : Episode 14: SOW vs Copperhead: SOW by KO 2m33s Like Tweet +1 More robots.

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