Instagram Finds: Golf Lids

August 12, 2016

As a brand, Usefulshotsgolf is just over a month old (hold for applause). During that time we have spread a bit of insight on some of the elements we love about the game of golf, both through our site and social media. One of the major benefits of connecting with the golf world on instagram and the like, is direct exposure to new aspects of the golf lifestyle being shared around the globe.

As we are preparing to launch our own line of Useful Gear, we can’t help but admire some of the online brands we have come across on instagram.  Below are some of our favorite looks we have seen, specifically dealing with unique headwear.  Sure, Golfsmith offers hundreds of hat styles from all of the top commercial brands, but if you really want to stand out on the course, take a look at these creative caps (after looking at ours of course):

Swingjuice – Golf & Tacos – This hat says it all.  Their t-shirts are the real stars, but the lids don’t disappoint.

Crisp Golf – GIR – Greens in regulation is a mantra.  If you are in need of a golf style cleanse, check them out, their look is Crisp, clean, and on point.

Oahu Golf Apparel – JUP DUDE – Bright colors, hawaiian prints, flat brim, great logo.

Scramble Golf – Tropic of SK – Similar success model, nice logo, multiple styles.

Sundays Golf – Oceanside – A classic heather gray flat brim, clean brand tag.

Thirty6ix Golf Co – Pinseeker – Stand out flag print panels, clean black and white, nice patch hat.

We hope you check these sites out, show them some love, and then of course come back and share the love for our looks as well.



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