It’s in the Bag: 12 Essential Items

July 23, 2016

While certainly useful for lugging your sticks around the course, your golf bag also comes with a variety of pockets to make it a veritable toolbox for anything that might happen along your round.  My current bag is a Taylormade Supreme Hybrid 2.0 stand bag.  While it is probably a tad too big to be an everyday walking bag, it is a perfect cart bag chock full of pockets for sorting various items. Here is a rundown of essential items I comfortably fit in this bag:

Golfballs and Tees: No-brainer, I know, but having a big compartment for golfballs serves as a quick reminder if I am running low.  There is usually enough space for a couple sleeves, and about a dozen loose, used and new balls.  We all like playing with fresh, clean golfballs, but sometimes you find yourself hooking 2 or 3 in a row out of bounds.  At this point it would be a good idea to grab your scuffed bullets.  Most bags have two smaller pockets above the ball compartment, great for sorting tees and other smalls.

Ballmarkers:  Speaking of smalls, these guys should find a home with your tees.  Ready to grab when loading your pockets at the start of a round.  Don’t be the person who sticks a tee in the green to mark their ball, I have done it and I hate myself for it.  If you get loose change for your greens fee, keep a couple quarters in your bag to use as markers, or better yet you can soon buy some markers directly from us!

Money: Not just the quarters I just mentioned, but having a couple small bills on hand can help you settle your debts, grab a snack at the turn, or tip the beverage cart.

Divot tool: Similar to the ballmarkers, don’t be the person who uses a tee, I have done it and I hate myself for it.  I now keep a couple cheap divot tools in my tee pocket, again for ease of prep at the beginning of the round.  You can kill two birds with one stone and get a tool/ballmarker combo.

Gloves: Yes, plural.  We all have a glove that we are playing on borrowed time, ready to split at any point.  Have back-up in the bag, or better yet, rotate between two gloves to keep the broken in feel.

Ok, those were the obvious items, but extras are always useful.  Here are some not so obvious ones that should also be in your bag:

Sunscreen: A farmers tan is inevitable, but a hat tan can ruin your social life outside of the course.  Grab a spray bottle for easy application and to avoid greasy hands on the grips.

Water bottle: Paper cones every 3-4 holes do not provide enough capacity to keep you hydrated, plus they create waste on the course.  I use an reusable aluminum bottle that keeps liquid cool for hours. My bag also has an insulated bottle holder, a common feature on modern bags.

Rain/Wind Jacket: This is self-explanatory, but takes up less space than an umbrella and provides similar coverage.

Bandaids: Blisters suck.

Koozies: These take up little real estate in the bag and provide essential protection to your course beverage.  Also available for purchase soon on our site!

Sharpie Marker: You need a way to mark your golfballs and can be handy back-up for a broken pencil.

Item to keep out of your bag:  Ball retriever, don’t be that person.



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