Review: Chicago Pilsener – Baderbrau Brewery

October 21, 2016

Extremely close to home, less than a mile, and sporting an eye-catching color scheme reminiscent of the traditional Chicago favorite (Old Style Beer), Baderbrau brewery has a new take on the old standby lager with it’s Chicago Pilsener.  A playful pun on the neighborhood, Pilsen, and the light beer style of this “crushable” offering.  Stated often on this site before, during a round, you want something that is both easily handled, as well as light and refreshing, so as not to be over-served by the end of the round.

Chicago Pilsener is offered in 6 pack cans, perfect for storing in the deep pockets of your golf bag and will fit nicely into your preferred koozie. At roughly the same familiar 4.6% ABV as other widely offered domestics, you can definitely handle more than a couple on your given round. To be fair, I have yet to actually drink this beer out on the course, as it was purchased for an evening playoff game viewing, but a couple beers in I quickly understood the self-prescribed “crushable” aspect. However, as easy as is it was easy to drink, I didn’t necessarily find this beer to stand out from other pilsner options, including the standard domestic fare.  That is not a knock on this particular brew, as there is usually not much to distinguish between light beers.

If you are looking to get into the local craft scene, but are not as familiar with the full range of beer styles available, this may serve well as a gateway beer.  Keeping a familiar taste while supporting a local brewery.  Aside from local pride aspect though, I will say it is a tough sell at the same $10 craft beer 6-pack price, being twice as much as it’s emulated predecessors.  I understand the mentality of craft breweries needing to keep a wide range of styles to attract all beer drinkers, it’s just that pilsners tend to walk a fine line between craft and overpriced when being considered craft.  That being said, I will definitely continue to look into Baderbrau’s other yearly offerings.

Check out their canned beers here.

*USEFULSHOTSGOLF does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and with moderation.*



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