Short Game Challenge – Gopher

July 31, 2016

We hope you all have had a chance to test out our putting games – Snakes and Rats.  Here is another way to test one’s short game mettle.

On most every hole, there is an opportunity for a putting bet based on the distance one is away from the hole.  However, there are times when players chip to gimmes or no one feels confident that others will three putt.  Here is an opportunity to get some more drama around the green.

The logistics behind a Gopher bet are a combination of a Rat and a Snake.  Snakes are a bet that a player will three putt, and he/she wins if they can get home in 2 or less.  A Gopher is the same idea, but it involves chipping or a bunker shot.  Once a player has been Gopher’ed, they need to get up and down in 2 or else they lose the bet.  We all know chips can come in many shapes and sizes, so it would be unfair to Gopher bet someone on a particularly challenging shot.  Therefore a player must offer the other players the option to call the bet, which is the same way a Rat bet works.

Gopher bets can turn the betting up a notch when a player has a decent chip (to say, 8 feet).  They can offer others to take them up on a Rat bet for that next putt, which bumps up the action.

In this morning’s round we witnessed holes with all three bets (Snakes, Rats, and Gophers) occurring, so the only struggle was to keep them all organized on the scorecard.  We are working on ways to tally everything up for you via an app, so be sure to check back later for updates!



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