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September 18, 2016

We have passed along some other links previously to help with your golf gear needs, and the idea for this post was to help out if you got a little frustrated looking at traditional golf sites.  It is clear these days that many of these sites offer the same products at similar price points, but I often lose interest quickly when the deals aren’t anything to write home about or the sites offer far too many of the same-looking items.  Today I wanted to talk about overstock.  For those that haven’t used before, it’s definitely worth a couple minutes of your time.  They sell pretty much anything, and many of the items are discounted with free shipping and no tax.  That’s tough to beat, in my opinion.  What I didn’t realize was how much they offered on the golf clothing side, specifically golf shoes.

I just picked up some new Puma kicks (hoping to get them in time for one more round this season) at a pretty deep discount.  These shoes are a 2015 model (maybe even 2014?), and they are a very steady shoe.  What I like most about them is the stability and heaviness, which to me makes me feel confident before the swing.  I already have them in a different color combination, and I was pretty excited to see this deal.  One thing to note about this website – the deals constantly change and the selection rotates quite a bit over time, so be patient if you don’t see anything right away.  Hope you find something useful, and happy hunting!

Puma Shoes

One warning, especially for those of you who are skeptical by nature – the reviews for many items on this site can appear to be quite bogus at times.  I believe the website is trying to do something about that, but often the reviews come from different people all around the same date saying the same wonderful things about the product.  I would take the product ratings with a grain of salt, and don’t just blindly purchase only the top rated products.



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