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March 18, 2017

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I don’t mind tying golf shoes, and usually only need to do it once a round, but I actually hate the way tied laces look.  Most golf shoe advertisements show off their shoes with the laces tucked under their tongue, giving a more sleek appearance.  Check any golf site and you will see what I mean.  Tucking tied laces under the tongue, while looks clean, often leaves something to be desired in terms of comfort.  With this in mind, I began searching for a clean pair of laces that provided a minimal look while still being comfortably tight for play.

A quick google search for laces brought up a few brands for locking elastic laces.  While these reduce the need for tying, they still leave somewhat of an unsightly lace end and locking mechanism.  Digging a little deeper, I found a website for Snaplaces, a simple plastic clip that locks into their own elastic laces, cut to size, leaving no excess lace hanging.  I may care about this more than most, but it really does clean up the look of the shoe.

One drawback to the Snaplaces system is their short laces, meaning you need two of the plastic locks per shoe.  To solve this problem, I found standard length elastic laces on amazon for just a couple bucks, and probably even cheaper on eBay, allowing me to only need one plastic Snaplaces lock per shoe.  The end result is a comfortable slip on shoe with the minimal look that drew me into the original shoe purchase.  I would highly recommend Snaplaces, and suggest getting additional longer elastic laces.  You get four Snaplaces locks per pack, so by ordering separate longer laces you can actually lace up two pairs of shoes. Check them out below:


additional longer laces



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